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Welcome to Quick Stick®, home of the ultimate trainer for ice hockey stick and puck handling. Use Quick Stick® to learn correct hockey stick and puck handling techniques. Quick Stick® fits on any hockey stick and its patented design allows you to shoot and pass.

Quick Stick - Product Description

Updated: 2/24/2010 11:10 AM

Quick Stick® teaches proper rolling of the top hand and reduces the influence of the bottom hand. Patented clamp design prevents the Quick Stick® tube from sliding to bottom of stick when lower hand is removed, so that the Quick Stick® can be used in a variety of stick and puck handling maneuvers. Clamshell hinged design allows the Quick Stick® to fit on any stick no matter how much tape build up is on butt end of stick. Large clamp knuckle is easy for young players to tighten and adjust. No loose parts, no tools.

Quick Stick - Video Demonstration

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A series of four YouTube.com videos demonstrating the Quick Stick® ice hockey stick and puck handling trainer product in action on an ice hockey skating rink.

Quick Stick - Order Form

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The Quick Stick® ice hockey stick and puck handling trainer is available in 3 cool colors; red, orange and green. The price per trainer is $19.95 including free shipping. Add items to the shopping cart or download the printable mail-in / Fax order form. Internet credit card payments are cleared securely through the PayPal® system.

Quick Stick - Product Features

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Puck handing is what separates the great hockey players. The ability to stick handle through a crowd is a hockey skill that must be developed. The ability to maneuver the puck on the ice with your hockey stick is critical to hockey training.

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Contact quickstick-hockey.com with any questions about the Quick Stick product.

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Quick Stick is a registered Trade Mark of CTech, Bridgeport, CT.

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